Try out my newest game on Android: Poker Tower Defense

How to play

Move with WASD and build by choosing the blocker or the tower on the right side and klick on one of the red spots. You get money, by activating the gold shrines and collect the gold which spawns there from time to time. But don't wait to long, with the collecting of the money, because it will despawn after a time. Your goal is to survive until time runs out. Don't get hugged eaten by the zombies! If the Zombies didn't find a way to you, they start destroying your buildings. 

About the development

This is the first Prototype of a new Game. The Game is inspired by the Custom Warcraft 3 Map "Kodo Tag Extreme" and is made for a local Game Jam at the Spelkollektivet in Sweden.

The game is not bug free. Bugs i know, and which will be removed in a future version:

  • Sometimes you can't build next to a tower, because you are choosing the tower instead of choosing the building spot.
  • The building spots near to a gold shrine are not always correct

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