Sliding Labyrinth

A tricky puzzle Game, with several Lies to reveal! Can you do all 41 levels?

The Game also has great Statistics! I said the Game it show them always right! But it seems that the Game don't listen to me...

Play with Arrow Keys, WASD or slide with your mouse. I think one of this options is the right for you!

The Lie starts not at the first Levels. Because you first need to trust to get fooled ;)

About the development

Game was developed in 7 Days for the Community Game Jam with the topic The Game is a Liar. 

So, now the Tools i used... Phew! There were quite a lot! This was the first Game Jam where i needed to make everything by myself. Oh boy, sorry for the sounds!

I wanted to talk about the Tools: Let's start with Unity and C# for the main programming and work. I really love Unity with its endless functionality! 

The Background (that green one) have i painted with acryl color on canvas, then scanned, put it in Gimp and after that vectorized it with Inkscape. That was the first time i tried this out. The Buttons and Panels are made also like this. Every other art is only made with Inkscape. I really love Inkscape. Almost as much us Unity!

Well, now the sounds. Seems that this was not the best part of my work. In my defense: I've never done anything like this before. The background song is made with the unspeakable but wonderful Tool Bosca Ceoil. Even I managed to make a song with that Tool, that you can listen to for a few minutes. The Sounds I recorded with my phone. I used knifes, ruler, paperclips, chips and more for this. Oh, and not to mention: I owe the wonderful burps to my husband (in level 17 you will understand)! I edited the sounds with Audacity

Thanks to

I want to thank the great Youtubers who hosted this Game Jam! Especially thanks to Asbjørn (Brackeys), who helped me with his tutorial about Bosca Ceoil, not to make your ears bleed completely. And a big thank you to Noa (Blackthornprod), because I love his style and learned how to use particle effects and trails through his tutorials. 

A huge big thank you to my husband for his outstanding burps (in level 17 you will understand). He had the idea for the last two levels and helped me with the level creation and testing. And he fed me the whole week.

Support me!

If you want to support me, follow me on Facebook for more information about other games i am developing: Klick -> Tesi Games on Facebook <- Klick

I have published my first Game for Android! Cubie Fall 

Another great game jam game that I have developed that is worth a try: Poker Tower Defense

I will move on with the development of this Game after the Game Jam. Soon Sliding Labyrinth and Poker Tower Defense will be available for Android and iOS! 

Every feedback, praise and criticism is welcome! Did you like anything? Or did you not like something at all? Let me know in the comments!


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Good job :D I really like your gam. It is very fun to play. good luck in the voting time.

Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it =)

I wish you good luck too! I will also try out your game.