Version 2 of Poker Tower Defense is now released!

Hello everyone!

Good news: It’s done! I have released a new version of Poker Tower Defense! You can play this version here on or you can download the complete version for Android in the Play Store: Poker Tower Defense 

So, here a list what’s new:

  • A speedup button with two faster modes and a pause button
  • Music and sound control: you can now mute/unmute the music and sound
  • Range indicator: When you click on a tower, the range will be shown. After a while in development and testing, I find it a bit annoying to always see the range. So I have also added the possibility to hide the range indicator again.
  • The enemies gives you gold when you kill them
  • You have the possibility to sell a tower instead of building it or sell the towers which are already on the field
  • You can use the gold to upgrade the damage, range and speed of your towers
  • Added a some options
  • Added a restart button, so you can restart faster, if your first hand is just to bad
  • Level mechanic: Each mob gives you xp. For each level you get some skill points which you can spend for the ability to upgrade your towers higher. Your level will increase with every time you play.
  • A skill tree: currently you can upgrade how far you will be able to push the damage, range and speed of your towers with gold. In the future there will be much more skills
  • A overview of possible Poker Hands: So many people said to me “Oh, but I can’t play Poker!”. Yet you don’t need to know poker to play my game, you will see everything you need to know in the game!
  • Some statistics: You want to know how many towers of each type you have build or how many mobs you have killed in total? Thank to the statistics you will know it!
  • 3 different difficultys
  • 4 different options how many rounds you want to play
  • The Tutorial is now a little bit better and includes some of the new features
  • When you build the Tower, you will see what you get, before you click on the position
  • Special item to increase or decrease the number of one card
  • Special item to change the colour of a card
  • Special item to change one more times, as much cards as you want
  • The special items you can get in the mobile version through rewarded ads 

The version on is a “test-version”. It is the same version, which is now available for Android, except you can’t watch ads for the special items and your player level, skills, statistics and preferences are not saved for the next time you play. I need to do something like this, to make the mobile version more attractive, because i have the chance, that you will maybe watch rewarded ads there when you playing and so i can earn a little bit money. On i currently earn nothing, when you play the game. I’m thinking about selling the full version on for around 3$. Let me know if you like this idea!

So that’s the updates for this version. Same as the last time: I look forward for any feedback! You help me a lot with the further development of the game, when you let me know, what you are thinking about the game!

You can now follow me also on Twitter =)

Best wishes and greetings



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I like the game, but would like it even more if it saved progress and was more challenging (maybe an extra difficulty or two beyond Hard). Unless you're making lots of money off the Android version I don't see any reason to limit the game's features on

Thank you for developing and updating the game!

Hello 👋

Thanks a lot for your feedback! At the moment I'm working on a completely new Poker Tower Defense for PC on Steam. The game will be more challenging and will have much more features (like 8 different special towers with a special ability). I will let you know, as soon as you can wishlist it on steam 😃

Awesome, glad to hear you're planning a sequel! I'll be looking forward to its release :)