Poker Tower Defense

Survive 30 waves of 12 different mob types!

Build towers by playing poker!

Can you get the ultimate Royal Flush Tower?

How to play

At the beginning of each wave you get five cards. Switch the cards you don't like and try to get the best Tower possible. Position the Tower at one marked spot and watch him doing the work. You can force your Towers to attack one specific enemy, by clicking on the enemy. If you click on an enemy you will also see his health. If you click on a Tower, you will see the Towers stats. Try to survive all 30 waves to win the game!

About the developement

This game was developed for the Kenney Jam 2019. All Art Assets are from and all Code is from me.

Used Assets (all from

  • Font: Kenney Fonts
  • UI: UI Pack
  • Enemies: Physics Pack
  • Map: Top Down Tanks Redux
  • Cards: Boarder Game Pack
  • Tower: Tower Defense Top Down
  • Card and Tower Shoot Sounds: Casino Audio
  • Enemy Death Sound: Digital Audio

Only the Background Song is from opengameart and not from

I appreciate any feedback! Just leave a comment, what you liked or liked less!

Support me!

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I will move on with the developement of this Game after the Game Jam.


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Hey ! You made a great game :)

We don't have a lot of control on our hand. My idea : Instead of adding a tower "Ace High Card" we can "upgrade" another tower with one card from our hand.

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Hello Metylene, thank you very much for the feedback =)

I like your idea! I think i will implement some better options for the High Crads.

Wow, what an excellent jam game! Very cool idea and nicely executed :)

You mention that you'll keep working on it after the jam, so I've got some suggestions that might help (though I fully understand that it's a jam game and you've probably got 1000 things that you wanted to put in the game)

  • Speedup would be great, especially early on.
    • So would music/sfx volume control/muting, and
    • range indicators on the towers.

  • For design itself, something I noticed is that because the towers retain the same power over the course of the game, the stakes can get really low if you get some good hands early on. I have some ideas that would help with that.
    • Adding gold to the monster drops, and allowing the player to:
      • Wager money after seeing their initial hand, to power up the turret. Amount of gold could directly correlate to multipliers on that turret's power. So players could save up gold for one big tower or spread it out among all their towers.
      • Make all of the different towers more similar in power, but allow the player to wager coins to play a different card game (blackjack?) to upgrade them later.
      • Letting the player spend a certain amount to redraw cards in any of their hands.
    • Adding the ability to "mulligan" their first hand, as I found it was often just worth restarting the game if I didn't get a good hand to start with.

Sorry for the unsolicited feedback, I had a lot of fun with the game and I'm excited to see where you take it :)


Thank you very much for your great feedback =D

I will implement speedup, sound control and range indicators. I also want to add gold to the monster drops, but currently i'm not sure how the player should use the gold. But i really like your ideas for that! I think I will implement some of your ideas.

I am very glad that you liked the game so much =)


Ideas for gold:

1. 'Nudge' a card up or down by 1

2.  A second discard/draw chance

3. Move a tower


Hello com2kid =) Moving a tower for gold is a really good idea =) I think the other two ideas would have to be expensive, because it is much easier to get good towers.