For each killed enemy, two new enemies will spawn

only ONE Tower: in the middle

only ONE Mechanic: upgrading

only ONE Enemy: at the beginning

only ONE Round: to destroy as much as possible

You can upgrade the speed and the damage of the tower and, if you want, select the enemy which should be destroyed. How much enemies can you let spawn?

About the developement

This game was developed for the GMTK Game Jam 2019. All Art Assets and Code are made by me.

Song is from Tagirijus - "Sawman and Son" (Album "Electronic 2018")

Sound Effects are from Juhani Junkala from the "The Essential Retro Video Game Sound Effects Collection"

Everything else is made by me, Belinda Vetesi.

I uploaded the Game on github!

If you want to modify and play around with the code, fell free to download it on

If you want to support me, follow me on Facebook for more information about other games i am developing 

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