My game for Ludum Dare 46.

Keep your dungeon heart alive! Defend it against the waves of enemies!
You start with one imp. He can destroy earth, collect money and claim the ground. With the money you can buy more imps or frogs. 
Frogs can't destroy earth or collect money, but they are far stronger against the enemies! The imps are weak and die fast.
Your goal is, to collect as much money as possible until you have the last wave beaten!

Move on the map with WASD keys. You can zoom with the buttons in the top right corner. In the top left corner you see your gold and your current score. On the Left is the shop. In the top middle you can see, when the next wave is spawning. The mobs will always spawn on the most right/top possible spot on the map. So it's your decision where you want this to be! With space key you jump back to your dungeon heart. You can pick up, up to eight ofyour mobs, by left clicking on them. If you right click on a claimed spot you release them.  But you can release them only on claimed spots!

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I like it! Reminds me of Dungeon Keeper on MSDOS :)

Thank you very much for your feedback =) Yes, while I developed this i thought a lot of Dungeon Keeper =)